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Discover why so many online sellers choose ExportYourStore to integrate and manage their multichannel ecommerce business
Simple Setup

Fast One-Time Setup

After a simple initial setup of your source store, your products are ready for export and syncing across all your favorite marketplaces.

smart Automation

Automated Rules

Easily create and implement custom export rules and ensure seamless multi-channel selling with our 24/7 synchronization.

easy to use

Intuitive Interface

Easily sync even the most complex stores from stores with a large number of products to products with a variety of attributes

complete Integration Solution

Much More Than A Listing Migration Tool

More Product Visibility

Reach more customers, wherever they prefer to shop. With one simple click you'll be able to reach new customers in leading marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and many more.

Fully Optimized

Each marketplace has its own unique requirements, which can become overwhelming when managing several stores on multiple marketplaces. With ExportYourStore, keeping up with marketplace optimizations has never been easier! Clear HTML for Amazon listings, convert currencies, and much more.

Advanced Automation Rules

Create your own custom automations and rules to manage listing imports, product attribute optimization, and more across linked selling channels. You’ll be able to create bulk action rules for attributes like handling time, price changes, and even images, so you’ll always have complete control of your products and prices.

Manage Multiple Stores

Easily link and seamlessly manage multiple stores across platforms. You can even import two eBay stores into one Etsy store, for example, or consolidate several accounts on a certain marketplace into one.
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Simple & Powerful

Complete Integration Between Your Favorite Online Marketplaces

With years of experience in migrating listings and integrating between marketplaces, we know that managing your business in a way that’s intuitive and familiar is crucial when selling on multiple online stores. ExportYourStore allows you to manage your inventory from your designated source store, and we take care of all the rest.

Customized Automation Rules

Customize Your Automation

Fully customizable automation rules are simple to set up and make your day-to-day store management as hands-off as possible. You’ll be able to create rules for individual channels, products, or product sets, so you can list, price, and sell exactly the way you like.

Simple Setup

Simple One-Time Setup

No bulky export files or cumbersome setup – all you need to do is link your desired import marketplace and let ExportYourStore do the rest! With the click of a button you’ll be able to import your Amazon shop to Etsy, export your eBay store to Shopify, and so much more. Whether you've got multiple selling accounts or just the one, ExportYourStore is the perfect tool for setting up and managing all your stores.

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What customers say about ExportYourStore

“I've finally found a solution to my store's migration woes! ExportYourStore is so simple and easy to use, I was able to migrate my store all by myself in less than 15 minutes. All the other apps on the market were either too expensive or their interfaces were too confusing, but ExportYourStore had just the right balance of features and simplicity that I was looking.”
“I had a ton of frustrations with other platform I used to cross-list my products. ExportYourStore was so much easier to use and I didn't have any of the problems I had before. Not only that, but it's so affordable! The export function on ExportYourStore is seamless and saves me a lot of time and headaches.”
“This app is amazing. I spent hours looking for a way to export my data from one store so that it could be imported into another, but everything was either too complicated or cost an arm and a leg. With ExportYourStore I was able to export all my data in just a few minutes. Plus the dashboard is really user-friendly and the customer service team is always.”
“I'm a small business owner who is always looking for ways to expand my audience . I had been wanting to try other marketplaces but didn't know how to export or set up everything correctly. When I found that ExportYourStore was available, it really made the process easy. This app is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants quick access to multiple market.”